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Beenleigh Bird Sale will be on Sunday 5th November 2023 at Eagleby.

Beenleigh Bird Sale will be on a Sunday in May 2024 at Eagleby.

Beaudesert Bird Sale will be on a Sunday in July? 2024 at Beaudesert.

Public attendance at our events is strictly in line with current State COVID-19 health advice. ALL attendees and vendors should bring their own face mask and hand sanitiser to use as needed.

Beenleigh sales are held at Eagleby Community Hall, 94 Fryar Road, Eagleby QLD.

Beaudesert sales are held at the Showground, Albert Street, Beaudesert QLD.

Public access to sale venues starts at 9.30am and closes at 12 noon.   

Vendor book-in and set-up 7am to 8.30am Sunday at Eagleby sales,

and 2pm to 6pm Saturday or 7am to 8.30am Sunday at Beaudesert sales.

Native and exotic birds: finches, parrots, doves, quail, budgies, canaries, hand-raised pet parrots, including permitted native species for which vendors must supply their own Movement Advices online or paper.

Trade stands will have carry boxes, cages, aviaries, nest boxes and fittings, shoulder protector capes for pet parrot owners, syringes and hand-raising equipment, bird toys, catching nets, feeders, seed hoppers, coup cups, seed and pellets, lory foods, and all bird-keeping equipment for sale. NO birds are allowed to be sold on trade tables or outside the building. ALL birds must be tabled on paid bird-vendor tables.

Noah's Animal Health has veterinary avian medications, vitamins and diet supplements.

Australian Budgerigar Society has all budgerigar-keeping products and a range of TummyRite™ products.

Phil Brauer Nest Boxes has a huge range of nest boxes and fittings, and carry boxes for sale.

There will be an ATM2go machine at all our bird sales for convenient cash withdrawals.

Public parking is on-street at Eagleby. ONLY trade and bird vendors' vehicles may load and unload products and birds on the area behind the venue. This is a ruling by the Eagleby venue manager. Beaudesert Showground has unlimited off-street parking with vendor unloading area now on the street side of the pavilion.

A Cent Sale starts around 11am, with great prizes including special kids-only prizes! Hot food, drinks, raffles.

All our sales can include exotic species and all aviary-bred native bird species that are allowed to be kept in Queensland. 
Some species require a 'Native Animal-keeping Licence' to buy or sell, for which both buyer and seller MUST SHOW their current Specialist or Advanced licence at the time of the sale transaction and produce a Movement Advice. See this link for the list of native species allowed to be kept in Queensland:

Bird vendor and trade tables $20 each. Non-members are welcome to sell birds but must abide by all rules set by the BBBA Inc. Tables must be booked in advance as space is limited.

All trade stand and bird vendor bookings: Martin 0439 882 554

Entry to venue $2 per person including all vendors. Children under 14 free.

All sales are strictly between the vendor and buyer and cash ONLY or by private arrangement with each vendor. Some vendors may accept credit cards, PayPal, Square etc.

Our 'Code of Practice' applies to all bird sellers and buyers at this event to ensure the welfare of the birds while on our premises. The 'Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (QLD)', and the 'Code of Practice - Aviculture' apply to all birdkeepers in Queensland at all times.

Thanks to all our members and volunteers who help to make these events a success. BBBA Inc.

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