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Golden-shouldered Parrots Conservation



Our Golden-Shouldered Parrot Artwork Raffle was won by D Gray from Singleton NSW. Second prize was won by M Veitch from Brisbane QLD.

The raffle closed and the winning tickets were drawn at the Northern Avian Conference in Proserpine QLD on 10th June 2018.

First Prize was a unique artwork featuring a pair of Golden-shouldered Parrots hand-painted by Jay Christensen on an Australian hardwood base fashioned by Graham Pertzel. Donated by Beenleigh Bird Breeders Association.

Second prize was a polymer clay necklace and matching earrings in the shape of Golden-shouldered Parrots hand-sculpted by Jenny and Fred Bohner's Parrot Jewellery and Paintings, and donated by Robyn and Lyle Holmes.

Tickets were $1 each and the raffle raised $1589 all of which has been forwarded to Artemis Station for the purchase of more steel feeders on Artemis Station on Cape York, as well as the continued supply of budgie-mix seed for the supplementary winter feeding of wild Golden-shouldered Parrots and endangered Black-throated Finches.

Promoter: Beenleigh Bird Breeders Association Inc.

You can also donate money to the Seed Appeal at our monthly meetings. A receipt will be issued to you. All funds are sent by this club to Artemis Station on Cape York. Thank you for your conservation action.


Golden-shouldered Parrots using a bird feeder on Artemis Station Cape York, Australia. Filmed by John Griffith from Cape Capers Tours.